Winterton in the Classroom

The Humphrey Winterton Collection of East African Photographs: 1860 - 1960 is an excellent resource for use in school settings. Teachers can incorporate the images into lesson plans for a broad range of subjects including African history, European history, cultural studies, social studies, photography, creative writing, literature.

In addition to a suggested lesson plan, galleries of selected photographs topically organized aids in the selection of photographs, a timeline of East African history helps put the photographs into historical context, and background information regarding the cultural context of African colonial photographs is provided. Links to K-12 support for teaching about Africa as well as additional African photograph websites are included.

Navigation of the site has been designed to support traditional searching and browsing. In addition, users are able to browse objects as they were originally organized. Using the Browse Tree allows the user to "page through" individual albums, as though flipping through the pages of a physical book.